Pre-owned Holiday & Resdiential Homes for Sale

We have a selection of pre-owned holiday homes which become available to buy throughout the year.

We also have a large selection of brand new holiday homes for sale.

Please contact us for more details.

Bring your current holiday home to Seaton Estate

Moving your holiday home to Seaton Estate, Arbroath

Affordable Pre-Owned Holiday & Residential Homes

Willerby Rio Gold
35x12 - 2 bedroom
pre owned Rio Gold holiday home available at Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath


40x20 - 2 bedroom
Willerby Westmorland Exterior


Chatsworth Silver Single
40x14 - 2 bedroom
Stately Albion Exterior


Willerby Westmorland
35x12 - 2 bedroom
Willerby Westmorland Exterior

Cristal Grand Lodge
45x45 - 3 bedroom
Cristal Grand Lodge Exterior